Terms & Conditions

of working with Zigzag Marketing

These terms and conditions apply to business carried out by Zigzag Creative Ltd (trading as ‘Zigzag Marketing’) in respect of the customers (‘the Client’). All clients that employ the services of, or users of services provided by Zigzag Marketing, in acceptance of Zigzag Marketing’s employment, or by use of such services, accept the following terms set out in this agreement, irrespective of the manner of engagement employed by the user when ordering the services. The following constitute the terms and conditions under which Zigzag Marketing trades and supplies its services. These conditions, in conjunction with the details as shown on any quote or written agreement represent the totality of the agreement and form the contract between Zigzag Marketing and the Client/User. Any agreed variation or alteration to part of these terms and conditions as annexed to this Contract will not invalidate the remainder of the whole.

Zigzag Marketing Responsibilities
Zigzag Marketing shall undertake any work on behalf of the client in ‘good faith.’ Any work will be carried out according to
these stated ‘terms & conditions’. Any specific client requirements will be outlined in a written agreement. Zigzag Marketing will
endeavour to provide expertise and technical support to ‘the Client’ as required. Zigzag Marketing shall endeavour to develop an
ongoing business relationship.

Client Responsibilities
The Client shall have read and understood these stated ‘terms & conditions’. The Client shall provide all agreed necessary
information for the work to be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

In most cases either a 25% or $500 (+ GST) deposit will be required before a project begins.

The following is Zigzag Marketing’s standard payment structure. This will be the norm for all work undertaken, unless specified
differently in written agreement. ‘The Client’ will be invoiced directly following completion and sign off of the work and full
payment is expected within 14 days of the invoice date, minus any deposit paid. The exception to this is when work continues
over one month or if the Client has agreed to a monthly ‘package’. In this scenario ‘the Client’ will be invoiced at the end of each
calendar month for any work completed in that month. If work completed is part of a package price and the project takes several
months to complete, 25% of the quoted amount will be invoiced the first month, 25% the second month and 25% the third
month, with the remainder due on completion and sign off. Payment is always expected within 14 days of the invoice date.

Payment Details
All payments must be settled in full by cash, automatic payment or telephone/internet banking. All prices and specifications are
subject to change without notice.

The Consequence of Non-payment
An additional 5% penalty fee will be added to any outstanding monies over 30 days, unless prior arrangements have been made.
Zigzag Marketing reserves the right to notify and subsequently withdraw any services provided to ‘the Client’ on default on
any due payment. Zigzag Marketing reserves the right to seek payment of any outstanding monies through the service of debt
collection agencies. In addition to penalty fees as noted, ‘the Client’ will be liable for all costs associated with the collection of
outstanding monies.

Any payments made on behalf of the Cient to third party suppliers will incur an 8% management fee by Zigzag Marketing.

If a client wishes to cancel a project before completion the deposit will not be refunded. For clients that work with Zigzag
Marketing for monthly, regular work, at least 4 weeks notice will be required if they wish to terminate the arrangement.

General Conditions
No purported claim or dispute raised by ‘the Client’ shall be grounds for ‘the Client’ withholding or offsetting any payment due
to Zigzag Marketing. All work is undertaken on behalf of ‘the Client’ in good faith but can only be provided through information
supplied by ‘the Client’. It is agreed that ‘the Client’, not Zigzag Marketing has absolute discretion on the design, maintenance
and ongoing services provided by Zigzag Marketing. ‘The Client’ hereby indemnifies Zigzag Marketing for any loss, damage
or costs, regardless of cause, that ‘the Client’ may incur or become liable, due to any consequence of the services provided by
Zigzag Marketing.

Intellectual Rights
Until final payment is received Zigzag Marketing will retain all intellectual rights of any work undertaken. All work carried out by
Zigzag Marketing will remain the property of Zigzag Marketing until completion of the work and final payment is received. ‘The
Client’ shall not be entitled to use any of the trademarks, logos, brand names, domain names or other marks of Zigzag Marketing without the prior approval of Zigzag Marketing.